Our Hot List

25 SoCal residents who make Los Angeles a dynamic and captivating city. We find these individuals inspiring, innovative and interesting, which in our book puts them at the head of the class.

Erin Foley

What makes someone hot to stand-up comic Erin Foley? That’s easy. “If they’re wearing a tight white T-shirt that reads, ‘I'm hot.’” Such is the smart-yet-deadpan style that makes Foley a hit with audiences both locally and nationwide. Locally, Foley hosts the monthly Gays R Us show, which she created more than two years ago. Nationally, she has been featured on Comedy Central with her own special and continues to have East Coast aspirations while serving L.A.’s gay community. “I have so many goals! I would love to perform with Lily Tomlin, throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium, practice with the New York Giants, act in movies, television, theater, puppet theater, mime, monologues, all the while tending to my glass menagerie,” the news junkie and avid sports fan says. She’s received touching stories from kids nationwide that her comedy has helped them come out and navigate their Irish-Catholic upbringing. “It’s more than touching,” she says. “It makes everything possible. It’s the reason to keep going.” In the meantime, Foley plans to use Gays R Us—which runs the first Wednesday of every month at the Improv on Melrose Avenue—to give back to the community. “I just did a fundraiser for the AIDS Life Cycle and plan to make every other show a fundraiser,” she says. Now that’s hot.
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